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V I N Y L - D E C A L - T R A N S F E R S
Custom designs cut from a roll of vinyl in any single colour. No white background. Applied with a transfer tape. 
Vinyl decals are perfect for adding any design, anywhere. Large or small. Available in a range of colours. Waterproof, ideal for indoor or outdoor use.
Best suited for:
  • Bold designs

  • 1 colour

How to apply:

  1. Peel off the backing paper to expose the sticky side of the vinyl

  2. Place the sticker where you want it sticky side down

  3. After rubbing the vinyl and transfer tape firmly into place, peel off the transfer tape to reveal the vinyl decal


V I N Y L - C O L O U R - C H A R T

Colour chart fancy.png

*colours in chart are only a guide and can vary slightly on screen

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